Karen Stever Announces New Book Series

Karen Stever, good friend of the show, and outstanding musician, has announced she is making a book series based on Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant. From Karen’s website:

I have been working on the first novel between having to make a “real living” for the better part of this year. However, this month, on a British radio station, I announced that I was bringing up seven of these children at the same time.
What is that? Septuplets? It’s just a boatload of diapers to change at once. Whatever.
The only way I can do this properly is to do it totally from my gut. I am not looking to write something ‘light’ or soothing bed-time stories.
I am going to be launching its own website, ’cause it is going to get crowded here really quickly!
I hope you will follow along with my journey. I will update as often as I can.

Love you all,

Soon, we will have Karen back on the show to discuss her project. As fans of hers, we are excited to watch her take over another medium, with her wonderful words, and hopeful tones. We highly suggest that you pick up Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant today, if you have not done so.

New camera for EMZT YouTube!

BoomDoom and i bought a new Kodak Pix Pro camera to start helping do videos for the EMZT RADIO YouTube Horror Channel..

i’ve playing around with it, trying to figure out how to use it and all its functions and for the first video, learned how to do basic editing and putting in some music, did a basic intro and credits page and then mixed it all together..

our first video shoot was several smaller videos that i figured out how to put together to make an almost 7min video..

i’m pretty proud of my first time in the video editing, it’s not the greatest but it’s not bad either..  BoomDoom is nervous in front of the camera, but if i help direct him and ask him questions like we do for his podcast, then he seems to get comfortable after a while..  when he talks about a topic he’s interested in, he can make it sound so cool..

i’m using windows live movie maker, which is pretty easy to figure out, but i’m already wanting more stuff on there to make the editing more horror related..

please do check out our video and give a like, comment and share about our video..

Thank You!  there will be more to come!


The Original Terror of the Waters; JAWS 1975 – 1987

Last week I had the urge to watch the JAWS movie series, since it was available on NetFlix..

The whole series is about this rogue killer shark, each a different shark because the shark in each movie was destroyed, I mean not just stabbed or anything, but blown to bits, except part 2, that one was electrocuted to the point it was on fire..

The movies also centered on the Brody family, which is not so strange since they seem to be the ones to kill the shark in every movie.  But how do those sharks know who those people are and why would it seek such revenge on that family..??

Police Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) was in the first 2 movies and came up with some great lines before the shark was destroyed..  like; “Smile, you son of a bitch!” and “Open Wide!  SAY AHHHHH!”

Movies 3 & 4 were about their sons, 3 was “located” in Florida at Sea World of all places and 4 was in the Caribbean.

JAWS 3 was 3-D (1983).  The early 80s is when 3-D vision was being used in horror film, to add more of a scare effect in the movie theaters, you see something practically jumping out from the screen and at your face, the scare factor is high.  Friday the 13th Part 3 was 3-D the year before.

The series ends with Jaws:The Revenge (Part 4).  The Shark kills the youngest Brody son, Sean, who was a police deputy for Amity Island.  It jumped up at his police boat, ripping off his arm and then a second chomp, pulls him under the water.  Ellen Brody, the mom and former Chief Brody’s widow, said that Chief Brody died of a heart attack, Ellen says it was the fear of the shark and water that killed him.

Mike Brody, oldest son is living in the Caribbean and brings his mom to stay with them to help her over the grief of losing her son.  There’s an ominous feeling she has, thinking, dreaming and knowing that the Shark is following her.  Of course, she’s right, the Shark does come after the remaining family, even the little 5 year old granddaughter.  But the Brodys team up and destroy that Shark again, proving that love of family and having the will to not give in to the fear of impending super natural doom, will win the day..

I noticed that these movies had to have a happy ending.  The Shark had to be destroyed because Man has to be the dominant species on the planet, if super nature wins out, then people will be too afraid to live their lives.

These movies were during a time that practical effects were used.  No CGIs or computer video effects trickery.  They used some actual shark film footage and of course, had the largest animatronic shark built to scare the hell out of us.

When the first Jaws movie came out in my hometown in 1975, nobody went into the water or were even at the beaches during the whole month of June.  It scared everyone that badly.   And that makes me smile thinking about that  a movie about a killer shark, would keep people from going swimming.

My hometown also was the place where they filmed Piranha 3D in 2010 about those killer prehistoric piranhas that ate Jerry O’ Connell’s penis and some springbreakers too.

Storms seem to be hitting the South..


At the moment, storms are hitting on the South, making internet connection difficult.

MJ had to cancel our podcast recording today to do storm preparations for his area..

Tropical Storm Hermine is hitting Florida where my online school is located.  They closed up early today to ride it out and are hoping for normal resume of business on Friday.

And so i’m working on my schoolwork for this week, and it’s now a waiting game to see how much time the storms will take from us.

i’m considering putting together a little podcast for the podbean page for you..  if i have some free time..



New Marketing Agency that Rocks!


Our band friends, CALABRESE, has done a lot on their own; from producing their own music, supplying and maintaining their webstore, booking their own gigs and promoting their band..

but now, they have started a new business to help other creative entrepreneurs,  CALABRESE MARKETING!


It’s a new social media marketing agency!  Since they’ve learned how social media has helped promote their band, they want to help others achieve success in their businesses or creative endeavors too..

Our mission is to support people, products and services that we believe in. We are dedicated to helping those with BIG DREAMS to achieve success in the marketplace through a targeted social media strategy.

Please, go to their new website and check out the services that they offer for very reasonable rates and let CALABRESE help you make your dreams come true!




A new Indiegogo campaign of a fresh new original series from the  short film, by Amanda B. Goodman that won the 2016 Silver Award from The Spotlight Independent Horror Film Awards!

You Only Die Once The Movie

This new series is about 3 lifelong best friends, Cecelia, Linda & Jamie, who are vampire hunters and the way they deal with hunting vampires and dealing with each other..

It’s a horror comedy along the vein of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ASH VS EVIL DEAD but more female driven story and cast, with a lot of snarky wit and biting humor and lots of blood and gore..  (yes, puns are intended! LOL!)

The short film is absolutely brilliant and very well done that you immediately are hooked on the characters and what they will do in their vampire situations..

We love this new project and adore the short film!  Please  go to their Indiegogo page and help them make this series happen because we need more female empowered series that the women can kick ass and be the heroes!  You will love it!

You Only Die Once Indiegogo



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