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Thanks to all of the fans’ support, TO HELL & BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY has reached it’s $50,000 GOAL and over it!

They’ve changed the campaign to InDemand so that if there are people who missed out when the campaign ended, they can now get in on giving to the project and receive some cool perks!

Please go to the Indiegogo page and check out their new InDemand campaign, and pick out a cool perk that helps give to the project and to their cause for the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco CA..



They are down to 1 day left of their Indiegogo campaign, please give to this cause, it not only gets Kane Hodder’s story told about his life & career, it also contributes to the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco, where he was treated for his burns when he started his stuntman career!

They only need $5268 to reach their goal of $50,000


WE GAVE to this project because it does help a very worthy cause and plus it’s Kane Hodder!  The Ultimate Jason!

Seriously, don’t watch Fright Night 2 (2013)

Silly, idiotic, curious me, always has a need to watch movies i’m told not to watch..  because sometimes those who tell me not to watch them are wrong..

but not this time..

this had popped up on Netflix as a recent add and i thought, let’s see what kind of story for a second movie of the Fright Night remake has in mind..

so i’m pretty sure this was a direct to video kind of movie and it’s not a sequel to the remake..  in fact, it’s a reboot of the remake..  it’s the same characters, different cast, and a brand new story of them meeting up with vampires, like they have not gone thru any vampire related at all..  WTF??  why the hell is is called Part 2 then??  i’m not sure..  and Jerry Dandridge is Gerri Dandridge and a woman, who is an art history professor at a university in Romania, that Charlie, “Evil” Ed and Amy go to..  in one of their classes it was discussed that Bram Stoker got Dracula wrong because Dracula was actually a..  woman..  ????  and so the hilarity ensues..

Peter Vincent is a paranormal reality star, who stages all his effects and meetings with “supernatural” creatures for FRIGHT NIGHT and he’s a complete coward..  even tho at the very end of the movie he does save the day..

Gerri Dandridge is Elizabeth Bathory, who was placed under a curse that she will be a night stalking vampire until she drinks the blood of a virgin who was born at midnight under a blood moon, then she will be able to walk in the daylight and still be a vampire..  she has a pool of blood that she keeps draining female victims’ blood into and she submerges herself in it for a while and she comes out young and beautiful because in her true form, she is an old ugly hag..

of course, Amy is the destined virgin..

ok.. ok.. given the modern times, the FX are very good, with lots of bloody gore all over the place..  thumbs up for that..

Gerri is a bit too cheery as a vampire..  she’s always smiling and always says such lines that refer to sexual innuendo or cryptic vampire..  and she has a sonar ability that helps her find her prey in tunnels..

i really am kicking myself for wasting my time watching this movie..  but it was really filmed in Bucharest Romania, so that’s another thumbs up for that..

i implore you..  DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Sackbury Pitch cancelled..

Sad news..  Sackbury Pitch has been cancelled for the moment..  a Facebook post from Dom Morgan’s wife, Laura Morgan, informed us of why…

Hi, this is Laura Morgan– wife of Dom Morgan. I am sad to say that as of this weekend (April 9, 2016) the production of Sackbury Pitch has stopped indefinitely. Those of you who know my husband will know that over the past year or so he has been working tirelessly developing this and other film and TV projects. Without going into major details there have been many problems along the way, most recently a major financial setback this week, and recently his health has begun to suffer.
As many of you know he suffered stress related mental health problems several years ago and then losing our daughter Jodi. As a result of all of this Dom doesnt have the emotional strength he used to have and this has become more obvious as the stress of all this has been steadily increasing over the past few months. The decision has been made to stop all this now before it goes any further and finances have come in and it goes past the point of no return. Dom is a people pleaser and fears he will let people down. I am sure that people will realize that all that really matters is health and wellbeing. The Indiegogo campaign will be cancelled next week so all money pleadged will be returned. Dom is so grateful for the support he has received but needs to take time out to recharge as this process has proved to be a massive drain on both our personal finances and emotions. It would be detrimental to proceed at this stage as without the proper financial support and a longer development process the efforts of all supporters could quite easily go to waste. This has been a measured decision based on many factors and this decision will not be reversed. Dom, as the only person who has the final say to pull the plug, has made this decision based on talking to his family and I admire the fact that he has recognized this before it is too late. He feels terrible that actors will probably have already booked time off for this but also accepts that any further down the line everything would become much more complicated.

Please respect the fact that he will require time to reenergize but if you have any pressing questions please feel free to direct message me. I truly hope you understand the reasoning behind this decision and our family wishes to thank everyone who has supported Dom so far. And hopes that you understand that family, health and wellbeing must come first.

We are saddened by this news but we understand that one’s health and well being needs to come first..

We send positive thoughts and prayers to Dom and his family and we look forward to seeing him back in action, when he’s ready and able to do so!


New British independent film, Sackbury Pitch,  from filmmaker Dom Morgan , is currently working on raising funds thru crowdfunding at

It’s something similar to Blair Witch Project meets Evil Dead, but this one will be scarier because this British filmmaker knows how to scare you more, with very creepy ancient atmosphere of “Sackbury Pitch Woods” and a very scary story of “Old Gentleman Jim” haunting the woods and an abandoned orphanage that three University student filmmakers seek out for their film project.

They have 23 days left, as of this posting,  and really need help with getting some funds!  please give to this very worthy project!  WE DID!  WE really want this film to be made!  The very minimum goal Dom Morgan is seeking is 500GBP and so far it’s up to 223GBP.  I’m sure any amount in the next 23 days will be welcomed and appreciated.

MJ & I did have an awesome Skype chat with Dom talking about this project and we had a very fun time chatting with this very creative guy.  I am working on editing the recorded podcast episode that we featured our chat with Dom, stay tuned for when it will be available on our podcast page, EMZT RADIO PODCAST

Sackbury Pitch Indiegogo –

Sackbury Pitch Facebook –

Sackbury Pitch Twitter –