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Karen Stever Announces New Book Series

Karen Stever, good friend of the show, and outstanding musician, has announced she is making a book series based on Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant. From Karen’s website:

I have been working on the first novel between having to make a “real living” for the better part of this year. However, this month, on a British radio station, I announced that I was bringing up seven of these children at the same time.
What is that? Septuplets? It’s just a boatload of diapers to change at once. Whatever.
The only way I can do this properly is to do it totally from my gut. I am not looking to write something ‘light’ or soothing bed-time stories.
I am going to be launching its own website, ’cause it is going to get crowded here really quickly!
I hope you will follow along with my journey. I will update as often as I can.

Love you all,

Soon, we will have Karen back on the show to discuss her project. As fans of hers, we are excited to watch her take over another medium, with her wonderful words, and hopeful tones. We highly suggest that you pick up Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant today, if you have not done so.

Indie Spotlight Monday: Cain Hill

This week on Indie Spotlight Monday, we look at Cain Hill. I found this one interesting, because this is promising a high production value, for a low budget. Film making is getting better these days, and they are only asking for a modest sum of 10,000 quid. I love the perks, as well. While some projects you have to give 500 or more to see your name in the credits, this one only requires 20 pounds (or about 27 dollars US). That’s a great deal, people! Anyways, check this project out, I love the premise, and the promises the film makers are telling us.

Plot from their Indiegogo:

When a group of filmmakers decide to investigate an abandoned Asylum famed for its mysterious disappearances they soon discover the truth is far more horrific than they could have ever imagined.

Micheal James Dean has a hit on his hands, promising to bring back the tension we loved in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Check it out, and please donate to this project.

Indie Spotlight Monday: Echoes of the Passed

Are you tired of cliche jump scares, but still want a good horror film about a haunted mansion? Well, Scott Lyus has good news for you. Echoes of the Passed look to show the human side of the supernatural, as well as have all the things that make you love the genera.

Plot from the site:

Enter the dark and decrepit mansion that houses a sinister secret yet to be exposed by the investigation conducted by Professor Ian, his no-shit-taking assistant Liz along with paranormal tweedle dee & tweedle dum Fred and Frank. As they prepare to unearth the mysteries behind the madness, they’re confronted by horror sooner than they had expected.

Check out their Indiegogo page here, and please donate.

An Apology

The month of June has not been that great for EMZT Radio. So, I am taking a moment or two to explain what is going on. Bane has a family issue, and please keep her in your thoughts, she’s going through a VERY rough time. To respect her privacy, I won’t go to detail here, but if she wants to talk with you about it, you can ask her.

As for me, June is never an easy time. The day after Father’s Day is the remembrance of my best friend’s suicide. It’s never been easy for me, even 14 years later. It still hurts, and that wound is very slow to heal. So, there are times where I am beyond depressed, this mixed in with bipolar disorder is never a good mix. There comes times where I don’t even want to be alive. It’s an every day struggle.

We are sorry for the lack of podcasts this month, but life gets in the way on occasion. We both have “real” jobs, which makes our scheduling insane. We love all of you, and please remember, if you’ve ever been in the show, or you listen to the show on the regular, you are not just listeners or subjects of interviews, you are real friends, hell, most of you are family to us.

We just want to thank you for your paitence during this time, and we are working to have so many people in the show.

Thank you all. Love and noots

Matt “MJ” Jordan.

Indie Spotlight Monday: The Last

This week’s Indie Spotlight Monday belongs to The Last. It’s an interesting film that chronicles a man’s last days on Earth. From the Indiegogo:

A terminally ill man spends his last days coping with death and struggles to undo his past sins. While headed to a remote location he stumbles upon a woman. The two become stranded hundreds of miles from civilization. Secrets and lies quickly force them to be suspicious of each other’s intentions. They soon discover that they are not alone. Something dark lives in the woods. Something not human and when it arrives there will be no survivors in its wake.

This movie is aimed for those who love The Evil Dead franchise. Check this one out, it looks like it could be a great one.