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Indie Spotlight: Sargad

Sargad is the new project by Bloody Fierce Productions, out of Sweden. From their website:


”Sargad” is about a young woman, Elina, that drives out to a cabin with her mother and younger sister to spread her dad’s ashes. The family used to live in the cabin when they were younger and thinks it is the perfect place to get their dad to rest in peace. They encounter three men that will make their weekend at the cabin a living hell….and yes it will be brutal. 


For you YouTubers, “Bitches of Horror” will be involved with the project. They are looking to raise money for their special effects. Read more on their kickstarter page, or their website.  We look forward to interviewing people from this project in the near future.


This Week on EMZT Radio…

Dr. Death + Mr. Vile decided to come haunt Bane and MJ this week. There’s many new exciting projects in the works for the boys, including the Mr. Vile show.


Things got a little…weird this week, MJ got pissed again, and started a small rant. However, by the end of the show we may have figured out WHY MJ’s been a wee bit cranky.  Check it out on EMZT Radio Thursday at 8, or wait on the podcast.