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Thanks to all of the fans’ support, TO HELL & BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY has reached it’s $50,000 GOAL and over it!

They’ve changed the campaign to InDemand so that if there are people who missed out when the campaign ended, they can now get in on giving to the project and receive some cool perks!

Please go to the Indiegogo page and check out their new InDemand campaign, and pick out a cool perk that helps give to the project and to their cause for the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco CA..



They are down to 1 day left of their Indiegogo campaign, please give to this cause, it not only gets Kane Hodder’s story told about his life & career, it also contributes to the Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco, where he was treated for his burns when he started his stuntman career!

They only need $5268 to reach their goal of $50,000


WE GAVE to this project because it does help a very worthy cause and plus it’s Kane Hodder!  The Ultimate Jason!

Seriously, don’t watch Fright Night 2 (2013)

Silly, idiotic, curious me, always has a need to watch movies i’m told not to watch..  because sometimes those who tell me not to watch them are wrong..

but not this time..

this had popped up on Netflix as a recent add and i thought, let’s see what kind of story for a second movie of the Fright Night remake has in mind..

so i’m pretty sure this was a direct to video kind of movie and it’s not a sequel to the remake..  in fact, it’s a reboot of the remake..  it’s the same characters, different cast, and a brand new story of them meeting up with vampires, like they have not gone thru any vampire related at all..  WTF??  why the hell is is called Part 2 then??  i’m not sure..  and Jerry Dandridge is Gerri Dandridge and a woman, who is an art history professor at a university in Romania, that Charlie, “Evil” Ed and Amy go to..  in one of their classes it was discussed that Bram Stoker got Dracula wrong because Dracula was actually a..  woman..  ????  and so the hilarity ensues..

Peter Vincent is a paranormal reality star, who stages all his effects and meetings with “supernatural” creatures for FRIGHT NIGHT and he’s a complete coward..  even tho at the very end of the movie he does save the day..

Gerri Dandridge is Elizabeth Bathory, who was placed under a curse that she will be a night stalking vampire until she drinks the blood of a virgin who was born at midnight under a blood moon, then she will be able to walk in the daylight and still be a vampire..  she has a pool of blood that she keeps draining female victims’ blood into and she submerges herself in it for a while and she comes out young and beautiful because in her true form, she is an old ugly hag..

of course, Amy is the destined virgin..

ok.. ok.. given the modern times, the FX are very good, with lots of bloody gore all over the place..  thumbs up for that..

Gerri is a bit too cheery as a vampire..  she’s always smiling and always says such lines that refer to sexual innuendo or cryptic vampire..  and she has a sonar ability that helps her find her prey in tunnels..

i really am kicking myself for wasting my time watching this movie..  but it was really filmed in Bucharest Romania, so that’s another thumbs up for that..

i implore you..  DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Sackbury Pitch cancelled..

Sad news..  Sackbury Pitch has been cancelled for the moment..  a Facebook post from Dom Morgan’s wife, Laura Morgan, informed us of why…

Hi, this is Laura Morgan– wife of Dom Morgan. I am sad to say that as of this weekend (April 9, 2016) the production of Sackbury Pitch has stopped indefinitely. Those of you who know my husband will know that over the past year or so he has been working tirelessly developing this and other film and TV projects. Without going into major details there have been many problems along the way, most recently a major financial setback this week, and recently his health has begun to suffer.
As many of you know he suffered stress related mental health problems several years ago and then losing our daughter Jodi. As a result of all of this Dom doesnt have the emotional strength he used to have and this has become more obvious as the stress of all this has been steadily increasing over the past few months. The decision has been made to stop all this now before it goes any further and finances have come in and it goes past the point of no return. Dom is a people pleaser and fears he will let people down. I am sure that people will realize that all that really matters is health and wellbeing. The Indiegogo campaign will be cancelled next week so all money pleadged will be returned. Dom is so grateful for the support he has received but needs to take time out to recharge as this process has proved to be a massive drain on both our personal finances and emotions. It would be detrimental to proceed at this stage as without the proper financial support and a longer development process the efforts of all supporters could quite easily go to waste. This has been a measured decision based on many factors and this decision will not be reversed. Dom, as the only person who has the final say to pull the plug, has made this decision based on talking to his family and I admire the fact that he has recognized this before it is too late. He feels terrible that actors will probably have already booked time off for this but also accepts that any further down the line everything would become much more complicated.

Please respect the fact that he will require time to reenergize but if you have any pressing questions please feel free to direct message me. I truly hope you understand the reasoning behind this decision and our family wishes to thank everyone who has supported Dom so far. And hopes that you understand that family, health and wellbeing must come first.

We are saddened by this news but we understand that one’s health and well being needs to come first..

We send positive thoughts and prayers to Dom and his family and we look forward to seeing him back in action, when he’s ready and able to do so!


New British independent film, Sackbury Pitch,  from filmmaker Dom Morgan , is currently working on raising funds thru crowdfunding at

It’s something similar to Blair Witch Project meets Evil Dead, but this one will be scarier because this British filmmaker knows how to scare you more, with very creepy ancient atmosphere of “Sackbury Pitch Woods” and a very scary story of “Old Gentleman Jim” haunting the woods and an abandoned orphanage that three University student filmmakers seek out for their film project.

They have 23 days left, as of this posting,  and really need help with getting some funds!  please give to this very worthy project!  WE DID!  WE really want this film to be made!  The very minimum goal Dom Morgan is seeking is 500GBP and so far it’s up to 223GBP.  I’m sure any amount in the next 23 days will be welcomed and appreciated.

MJ & I did have an awesome Skype chat with Dom talking about this project and we had a very fun time chatting with this very creative guy.  I am working on editing the recorded podcast episode that we featured our chat with Dom, stay tuned for when it will be available on our podcast page, EMZT RADIO PODCAST

Sackbury Pitch Indiegogo –

Sackbury Pitch Facebook –

Sackbury Pitch Twitter –

Wyrmwood: the Road of the Dead


The most brilliant and original zombie movie EVER!

it’s even from Australia!  i do agree with the review line from Empire Magazine, “Mad Max Meets Dawn of the Dead”  and it even has their own version of a Murphy(Z Nation) who can control the zombies!!

the premise is that the zombie virus is airborne and those with A- blood type is immune..  so the local military soldiers are all wearing gas masks hooked to air tanks on their backs, ordered to round up survivors for their mobile lab unit..  the doctor in charge of the mobile lab is quite brilliant but he’s young and cocky and loves to sing and dance to classic dance tunes which he subjects his “patients” to..  he has fully turned zombies in the back of the truck as well as survivors, he injects huge syringe full of zombie blood into the back of the neck (i think he’s hitting the spinal cord by the way he’s downward injecting at the back of the neck) of the survivors to see what effects will happen and then after 5 doses of zombie blood, he takes brain samples from up the nose, killing the survivor, because he uses a drilling probe..  one patient he had kidnapped, Brooke, seems to be turned in to a Murphy, she’s able to control all zombies, and even gets the doctor turned into one as she coordinates the other zombies to free themselves and bite him, forcing him to free her..  she goes to search for her brother, who is also a survivor, Barry..

Barry has to kill his wife and little girl as they end up turning..  then he meets up with other survivors who find out that gas in vehicles no longer work, it’s like the flammable agent that fires into the engine is gone, but the zombies are now exhaling gas fumes and their blood has turned flammable..  so Barry and his new friends, Benny and Frank, convert a truck to where they have a zombie hooked to a gas mask that has a hose that connects to the engine, to get it to run..  Barry is looking for his sister Brooke..

while the military, configure their vehicles to exclusively run on electric volts running on a circuit that does not use gas..

it also is discovered that the zombies stop exhaling the gas at night, and they are using it for themselves, which makes them faster and stronger.

towards the end of the movie, you are rooting for the zombie army, and wanting them to kill and eat the soldiers, which they are led by Brooke, and Barry..  as they look for other survivors and kill the soldiers..

i highly recommend this movie!  it’s a new fresh concept for zombies and plus, who doesn’t love Australian road horror movies??


RIP, Horror Icon, Angus Scrimm; The Tall Man



Already the beginning of a new year, 2016, and our beloved horror legends of the screen are dropping like flies..  it saddens me so much that the horror genre is losing their great masters of horror..

Angus Scrimm(born Lawrence Rory Guy on August 19,1926) is known to horror fans as The Tall Man from PHANTASM movie series, he passed away on January 9, he passed away peacefully surrounded with his close friends and loved one, according to Don Coscarelli, the writer/director of PHANTASM.. he was 89..

In all the articles i’ve read about Angus, everyone had said what a sweet and caring man he was to everybody he worked with.  I got to meet him once at a Fangoria Convention, and he was just like someone’s grandfather, and i scared him.  I was wearing my horror contact lenses, it was kind of neat that i scared The Tall Man but then i felt bad because he gave me an autograph and then dismissed me quickly, because of my eyes.  He seemed like such a sweet old man, really thoughtful and had some great stories of his film career.  Of course, during the PHANTASM panel, someone asked him to do the Tall Man voice, “Boy!!”  it was a classic that had the whole room clapping loudly in response!

But all the fans will be happy to know, that he did get to do the Tall Man one last time, for PHANTASM: RAVAGER, release date is posted for sometime during 2016, possibly will be double billed with the newly 4K restoration of the original PHANTASM!

The Tall Man will be waiting for us on the Other Side…


Christmas Horror Gifts Ideas for Horror Fans


Horror Fans Friends are a little different to shop for, for all holidays & birthdays..  our tastes are a bit darker than most but don’t despair, there are places that cater to the horror fans that you can purchase from..  if you are not in a major city or metropolis then the stores are mostly to be found online but if you are in major cities, i’m sure you can go find the stores in that area..  but of course shopping online takes all the hassles out of shipping for you..

you could do a nice subscription box for your Horror Fan Friend, these are mystery boxes filled with horror related items from movies, tv shows and whatnot, these subscriptions always make a horror fan’s day!  from Dread Central online magazine, filled with items based on horror movies, some boxes contain a horror Funko Pop Vinyl figure, $20 for one month..  from NerdBlock, in partnership with Rue Morge Magazine(horror magazine) it’s filled with horror items based on horror movies, $20 for one month, plus $10 for shipping..  Horror Pack is a mystery horror dvd or blu-ray horror movies box, the minimum is $20 for one month, you get 4 dvds or blu-ray movies per month!!  what a great way for a horror fan to add to their bloody movie collection!!

now moving to horror related stores..  Hot Topic is the store for horror/goth/punk/metal fans, from apparel to accessories and everything else, this store caters to the fans of the darker tastes, usually these stores are in major city areas but they also have online store !!       Horror Fans don’t mind horror figures to collect and to display on their shelves, FUNKO Pop Vinyl figures are fun and even cute with some of their horror related figures, you might have to take the time to find what you think your Horror Fan Friend might like, they have quite a selection of different categories ..

Horror Fans also love getting horror t-shirts!  so they can wear their horror interests on their person for the world to see!  here’s a few sites that can supply the need for horror to wear..  Fright Rags  Rotten Cotten  Tshirt Bordello

and if you still can’t find anything for your Horror Fan Friend, then i suggest GIFTCARDS to Amazon(where you can find almost everything), or your local bookstore/video store, so they can buy what they want!








Bane’s Best & Worst Xmas Horror List


the WORST movie, in my opinion, is JACK FROST(1997) and not the Michael Keaton one..

The ’97 movie was absolute beyond crap low budget film and beyond ridiculous story..

a convicted murderer being driven to his execution thru Colorado, in a really bad snow storm, the van collides with a toxic waste tanker which transforms the psycho’s DNA to bond with the snow and becomes a Killer Snowman, and his name is Jack Frost..

which means his powers of changing to get into houses are unlimited as long as it’s snowing and cold, he can get under front door and in thru the very big opening of door locks..  and even if you melt him, he will reform as a snowman..  he has the worst one liners ever, oh..  and he does rape and murder a woman in the shower with his snowman carrot nose..  ewww…  and brutal..



a Netherlands film about Saint Nick, who is much like Krampus,  not the holly jolly Santa Claus, but a murderous fallen bishop, who was turned into a creature for revenge on the town that sank & burned the boat he was on because he was a savage bully, many many decades ago..  he is accompanied by his Black Petes, minions dressed in black, that do his bidding to spread more mayhem and fear..

Saint Nick also rides a magical dead horse that carries him to all sorts of places, like rooftops and such..

i personally hate english subtitles because it takes my eyes away from the people on the screen to read what is being said, so be sure to find the english dubbed version..

it’s also a bit of cheese but not too bad..



this one i really enjoyed!  A hilarious UK horror comedy!

it’s brilliant, a office janitor is stuck in a women’s bathroom stall and using all sorts of ways to keep the zombies from getting to him..

it’s an office building’s christmas party and someone was infected with the zombie virus that practically took over the whole building, and WC is one of the few survivors stuck and trying to get out without being bitten! and practically the whole movie is all in this bathroom!

i would recommend this one to everybody!



this one is more dramatic but just a bit WTF??   3 people are trapped in an ATM little building, by a psycho slasher..

it’s mostly a waiting game and the 3 hotshots try to use the ATM machine to get the police to show up because the killer is literally staring them down just outside near their car, which is half a parking lot away, right outside the little building..  and no one has a working cellphone??

the killer waits so long, that he actually pulls out a fold out chair to sit and watch them..

this is more a WTF film..  i didn’t understand why someone would attack people at an ATM, he obviously didn’t want their money..  that was clear enough..  but ..  ok.. i guess..  huh?



a woman trying to leave her office building to go home and visit her family for christmas, is trapped in the underground parking garage by an obsessed deranged lovesick psycho security guard(wes bentley)..

he has the place locked down, she’s unable to get cell reception to call for help and he chases her all over the parking areas, so that she can spend the holiday with him..

i guess some guys just don’t like to hear the word No..

this one is a major thriller and worth watching and also teaches a lesson about young women not going to their cars by themselves, even if it’s in an underground security parking area..



Bill Goldberg as a psycho Santa on a killing spree..

nothing more needs to be said..

i’d say watch this for the pure bloody mess that ensues as Santa, the offspring of Satan knocking up a virgin, and forced to deliver presents for 1000 years..  i guess he really hated his job and just couldn’t take it anymore..

but it’s Goldberg just going completely batshit psycho crazy!  it’s a fun watch!








Zombie STD… ewww..

CONTRACTED a 3 day progression of a victim of date rape at a party, who ends up (spoiler alert) turning into zombie..


it all starts in the morgue, of course, we don’t see it but you can see the table shaking and making noises like someone is having sex with the corpse on the table..  we see the corpse feet with the tag on the toe and then it goes to a party in progress and some unknown guy is trying to talk to women at the party..

the main character, Samantha, is a 10 month lesbian relationship but they are having problems and split up forcing Samantha to move back in with her mother(Caroline Williams(Stretch,texas chainsaw massacre part 2)),

Sam’s friend, Alice, is trying to get Sam drunk so that she won’t worry about her problems with Nikki, but that just gets Sam into trouble when the unknown guy named BJ gives her a drink, which has rufies in it and they end up in the backseat of his car and he’s having sex with her, she begs him to stop, but he doesn’t and then she wakes up at home, and starts to feel sick and finds a HUGE amount of blood in her bed and she has a rash between her legs..  she looks super pale and she goes to the doctor, he says that her heart beat is unusually slow but it’s probably becuz of her being ill..  (hello, clue #1, unusually slow heart rate, not from having the flu, geez..)

by day 2, her eyes are now bloody red and she starts to go to the doctor but her boss calls her and tells her that he needs her to work, she tries to tell him that she’s not feeling well but he says that he will get someone to come in if she works for a short time..


when your restaurant employees look like this, don’t have them work, it will upset the customers..  ya think..?

she goes back to the doctor who sees her eyes and tells her to not be around people until he gets the results back from her blood test..

uh.. Doc..  do you think that you should have admitted her to the hospital in a quarantine becuz it’s not normal that someone looks like this from having unprotected sex..  it’s probably more than just an STD, you idiot!

and then Samantha’s life really unravels from there..  her mom thinks she’s on drugs and needs rehab, her boss is pissed that she left work, even tho there’s no way she could work the way she looks, her gf found out from Alice that Sam had sex with a guy at the party and is pissed, her plant entry for a flower expo died and they didn’t want to let her in the contest becuz they plants are dead and she looks almost dead..  by day 3, maggots and meal worms are falling out her vag and she looks like she should be in quarantine in a high security medical facility, and she gets really upset when her friends piss her off and she ends up killing them and infecting the guy who has an extreme crush on her by having sex with him..  how stupid can you be when a girl you really like, looks like she’s contagious with something bad but you have sex with her anyway??   a big clue for him should have been, when he said that it was tingling as he put his dick in her and that she was really wet (from massive bleeding down there and not from her period)..   ewwww..


by the end of the movie, you can tell that she’s not human or alive anymore and the best thing would be to just shoot her, but it blacks out just when you see the cops surrounding her and her mom is screaming to not shoot her..

this was a really good movie, and it shows the danger of taking a drink from a guy you don’t know at a party, who could rufie you and give you the ultimate STD..