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POLTERGEIS 2015 Remake


MJ and I hate remakes of the classic movies!  most remakes take the movie and mangle the hell out of it making it sh!@#t!

when i saw that Poltergeist was on the remake list and was done, i was pissed..  number 1 because some of the actors of that 80s film are no longer alive and a remake in my opinion is sacrilege, even though with our new digital CGI and new makeup effects techniques, they can make something seem newer but it doesn’t mean it’s better than the original..

with the remake of Poltergeist, they used a new name for the family, the Bowens..  but they did use the same parts of the original story, like a very psychic child who talks to ghosts, her name is Maddie, an older sister who is a bit of a brat, Kendra, and the little brother, Griffin, who is afraid of everything because Mom had lost him 3 yrs ago in a mall..  he gets the attic room that has a skylight window on the ceiling, that an ancient willow tree hangs over, which drags him out of the roof..

Griffin was also attacked on his first night, not by just 1 creepy clown doll, but a whole box of bizarre looking clown dolls..  that was kinda creepy weird..

the only cool part of the movie was that we get to see what the other side looks like that Maddie gets pulled into, with modern technology, a small camera attached to a toy drone craft that Griffin pilots into the closet portal..  and when you hear her running through the house, we get to see her shadow on the walls as she’s running from something chasing her..   another cool part of the movie, was that Griffin felt responsible for Maddie being taken since he left her alone in her room while he ran away to hide, so he goes into the closet portal to find her and bring her back, before any of the adults could stop their arguing with each other..  i thought that was an even more touching thing to do and showed the adults that children are braver and just more determined than the adults to go into an unknown situation to bring back a loved one..

now a big problem with this movie was the scary scene when the ghosts come out of the TV..  in the original, there was a spectacular light effects that showed “the TV people” coming out of the TV and into the house and little CarolAnne, saying..  “They’re..  heeere..”  the remake had hands showing up on the TV screen where Maddie was touching the screen and then they disappeared and Maddie says as a simple statement, “they’re here”..  you didn’t see anything else except the mayhem that followed after that..  which was mostly like paranormal activity type of mischief on a bigger scale..

it just wasn’t as scary as the original..  or maybe i’m too much a fan of the original, but i did give it a chance..  granted with newer computer technologies and state of the art special effects, i feel that it didn’t help this movie..

RIP, Horror Icon original LeatherFace, Gunnar Hansen

GunnarHansen (1)

November 7, 2015 this amazing man passed away from pancreatic cancer..  the Horror Community lost another of its great icons, the one who played the Original LeatherFace, Gunnar Hansen..

 He was  born March 4, 1947, Reykjavik, Iceland and his family moved to the US when he was 5, they lived in Maine until he was 11 then they moved to Texas, where he went to high school  then he went to the University of Texas, where he majored in English and mathematics and then went to graduate school in Scandinavian Studies and English.  While in university he did do some theater work.  

In summer of 1973 he heard of Tobe Hooper and his crew working on a film near his town, so he decided to try for an audition.  After interviewing with Tober Hooper and Kim Henkel(writer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) he got the part of LeatherFace.  To prepare for the role he visited children with special needs to study their mannerisms for the role of LeatherFace.

He wanted to pursue a writing career which he did write and edit for some magazines and he did write some books,  his nonfiction travel memoir, Islands at the Edge of Time, A journey to America’s Barrier Islands, was published in 1993, and in 2013 he wrote the nonfiction book Chain Saw Confidential, which focuses on the making and reception for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In addition, he taught college as an adjunct instructor.

He was asked to reprise the role of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), but declined, claiming that he was insulted by the idea of the original 1974 film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), being remade.

Even though he played one of the scariest serial killers of the screen, he was a very nice and gentle man to meet in person and was happy to talk to his fans about his work, i had the pleasure of meeting him at a Fangoria Convention in Los Angeles CA , April 2008, where he was most excited to share his work in the movie BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY..

i felt a kick in the chest when I saw the announcement of his passing, another Horror Great has left us..


Screambox, a horror lovers’ dream!!

Screambox is the most amazing online horror site ever!

at first they started off over a year ago, just with movies that you can only watch on your computer, but now they have upgraded to you can watch movies on your Xbox 360, iPad, Roku, PlayStation, Android tablets, Samsung Smart TVs, Kindle Fire TVs and more to come…  and it’s nothing but horror!!  they started off with independent films, some of which weren’t so bad, but now they are able to get some of the classic horrors and even some newer ones too!

they have broken up the horror into categories, Killers, Supernatural, Monsters, Psychological & Extreme..  which gives you a wide range of movies for whatever your kind of horror taste is..

they also let you have a free 30 day trial, to see if you like what they have to offer and then it’s only $3.99 a month!  what a deal!  i am a subscriber and i absolutely love the horror i receive if Netflix doesn’t have what i wanna watch..

so i recommend that you give Screambox a try, you get the first 30 days for free and if you don’t like it, you can cancel, but i know it’s worth keeping..  and no i am not getting paid to say this, even tho that would be cool to be a spokesghoul for Screambox!  i would love to have that job!!


the most horrific and disgusting movie..

Netflix just added to its list, The Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence..  and of course, since i watched the other 2 movies and was disgusted but i was happy for the most original idea for movies, i had to watch this one too..

this movie was even more disgusting and horrific because the lead character played by Dieter Lasser, from the first movie, playing a completely vile german/american prison warden..  he was super paranoid about everything and everyone, he was hostile and super rude to the point of beyond being an asshole, he was sexually harassing his office receptionist(he had pre-scheduled times of when he would make her have sex with him and give him blowjobs), because of a deal that was made with her to release her father from prison..  personally there would be no way that i would work with that kind of a deal, and i would be reporting him for the overboard sexual harassment, which for sure he would go to prison for..

Laurence Harvey from the second movie, the little gross man who stapled together the centipede in that movie, is the warden’s accountant and assistant, who had the warden watch the centipede movies and he came up with the idea of making a prison size centipede to save on costs for food & housing and medical..  at first the warden wasn’t going for the idea..  he’s trying to be top dog and show the prisoners that he is in charge..  it’s pretty obvious that all the prisoners want to just tear apart the warden because they hate him so much..  Warden Bill Boss(Dieter Lasser) is convinced that since his grandfather in germany with a pig farm, who did castrations on the pigs to “calm them down”, the warden figured that this procedure would work on the prisoners..  he personally castrated one prisoner and had his testicles cooked for his lunch..  which made the accountant almost puke from the thought and me too..  ewwww..  and the castration procedure didn’t calm the prisoner down, it made him more violent because now he’s pissed for losing his “balls” to the warden, and is now more determined to rape and kill the warden..

the warden is so completely stressed for fear of his life at the hands of the prisoners, and losing his job by the governor, his blood pressure is 180/120..  which i’m not sure a person would be functioning at all with BP like that..  and because of the heat of the desert where the prison is located and the stress, the warden goes into bouts of hallucinations that the prisoners are death raping him..  he is losing his grip on his sanity which is obvious to all of his staff but they are afraid of him to do anything about it..  

Tom Six, the director,  makes an appearance in this movie as a consultant for the centipede procedure, in the warden’s office, that he claims that the procedure is actually medically correct and guarantees that it will work and he wanted to watch the procedure being done..

to watch this movie, i suggest that you have a bucket handy and you have a very strong fortitude to withstand the very disturbing, disgusting images of torture and rape and to be able to watch a character’s decent into insanity..  Tom Six outdid himself with this hopefully last centipede movie..  i applaud him for his most original idea for a movie, but damm..  they all turned my stomach..  the first 2 movies made me puke..  but the third one, just absolutely disgusted me..    that is a good writer/director..    Tom Six, you are brilliant!

Bane’s List of Bad Horror Movie Parents

i agree with MJ’s list of bad parents..  here are a few that i have chosen as well..

the ultimate in bad parents, Norma Bates, the original! she had a completely messed up view on being a mom and turning her son into her replacement husband/lover because she just can’t seem to keep the men around, either Norman gets jealous or Norma loses more control on them than she would like.. but then what did Norman do to Mother when he got seriously jealous, he killed her with a poison that was slow enough for him to watch her dying and it was brutally painful..

Jack Torrence was harsh and quick to physically punish, because of his alcoholic nature, which even though he was on the wagon for 6 months, it still left him vulnerable to the forces in the hotel that told him he needed to kill his son, but Danny proved to be quite a bit smarter and had his own help in evading his dad, which ended up killing Jack and allowing him to rejoin the hotel’s other guests that never can leave..

Rachel Keller from THE RING, she was more career minded first and parenthood came in last place with her, her son Aiden was very intelligent and self sufficient because his mom was never there for him, she was all about getting the story no matter how long it takes or what she has to do.. Aiden never once calls her Mom, he always calls her by her name, Rachel, i get the feeling that was by her request and then in the 2nd Ring movie, they try to be mother & son, but they still can’t quite do that, she does become more motherly towards Aiden but it seems like she’s really forcing herself to be a mom instead of his protector against Samara, and that’s sort of being a mom..

Drs. William and Dakota Block from PLANET TERROR, they definitely ignore their son because they each are more interested in their own selfish needs.. Dakota is trying to leave her husband for her lesbian lover(Fergie) and take her son with her, while William is more intent on finding out what Dakota is up to and even try to kill her if he can, so she can’t take their son, while Tony is oblivious to it all and just plays by himself.. but the downside of being a bad mom, is Dakota gave little Tony a gun, in the car and told him to not put it to his head but to shoot other people if they try to attack the car, especially Daddy, but of course what do young kids do when you tell them something,? they do the opposite, and he shot himself in the head because he obviously didn’t ever handle a gun before… bad mommy..

Jerry Blake, THE STEPFATHER, is the ultimate in a bad parent, if a family he marries into doesn’t behave or act the way he wants, he kills them and goes to find another family.. he does start off like a good caring dad but the stepkids always notice Jerry’s odd behavior and help plant seeds of doubt in their mom’s mind.. but Jerry was finally stopped in STEPFATHER 3 when he was pushed into a wood chipper, completely shredded to pulpy bits, there is no coming back from that..

Bane’s List of Horror Comedy…

in response to MJ’s list of horror comedy, i too have a list of horror comedies that are some of my favorites..








one of the zombies brought back by government experimentation, is determined to get back to his true love, who thinks that he moved away.. a brilliant pursuit of zombies that got away from the government experimental lab, even though they are not the typical zombies, theses still have their human personalities and emotions and memories..


in the first Return of the Living Dead, of course for the men, there is a naked graveyard dance scene with Linnea Quigley, who was the 80s horror B movie pin up girl, she was always the one cast to be naked in a scene or two..

                                                    SATURDAY THE 14TH                                                 FULL MOON HIGH
                                                       FRIGHT NIGHT                                                        GHOSTBUSTERS

Trial and Error learning on my own…

11891265_10155930133870022_6655859177745304190_ni seem to be more creative when i’m editing the podcast recordings we do..  using a audio editing program, Audacity, is very much a trial and error process of learning, the website only gives so much help and then i have to turn to youtube for more hints and tips..  a lot of what i do is basic copying and pasting, that’s it really..  so simple..  but it’s mostly about what you paste in is where the magic is..

Matt specializes in recording and i am now getting to continue honing my skills in editing..  it’s actually fun, when you hear what you have put together and it doesn’t sound right to you, if you are smart about saving the original recordings and use ‘save as’ and make the file .2, you can do all sorts of wonders..  i keep amazing myself in what i come up with when putting the podcast together..  

i have all the musics from the bands that gave us permission to play their songs on our podcast, so it’s only logical that i should be the one editing, and i keep acquiring more musics because i find more bands that i like their sound and music..  it’s a never ending process..  

and with our specialty podcast, that leaves a lot of room to play around with ideas and it seems the more twisted and more scary, the better..

sometimes i go the other way too, i like to throw in some horror comedy, the funny horror bits are quite hilarious and can be even uplifting if you are having a bad day.. listening to some horror comedy always brings a smile to my face and then i don’t feel so bad and that starts the gears turning in my head to something more twisted and sinister to try..  

the only drawback to doing editing is, the long hours it takes..  it is quite a time consuming task, and one that also teaches you about patience..  lots and lots of patience..


what does Bane do?


MJ and I, we share in duties of the podcast..  and i’m gonna explain what i do for our podcast..

we recently agreed that i would help in the editing and putting together of our podcast recordings, since he has a bit more going on in his life with work & school.. which is good for me to get me to work on my editing skills.. 

what i do is..  i contact unsigned and independent bands to give us permission to play their music on our podcast and i download the musics that they supply..  since this is a horror talk podcast, i have been contacting goth type bands on (  i look for the unsigned bands first, because they mostly just want their music to be heard and to get to more people, and so far almost everyone has been kind to let us play their music and we have been getting them more people to listen to their music sites..

to play music on a podcast, you need a music license so that royalties can be paid to the bands who are signed with record labels..  we do believe that musicians should be paid, but we don’t have a music license, and it is expensive to get one, but we will get one eventually, and so the loophole around that license is to get permission from unsigned bands or independent (self produced) labels..  and our podcast went from sounding bland, just the 2 of us talking to each other, to sounding so much better, now with some music to break up our chat segments and i also created an opening and closing theme and most recently i asked the people we have interviewed for our podcast to make liners (you are listening to EMZT Radio)..  it now sounds even better and a bit more professional..

we have also added an interview segment, mostly we’ve been interviewing the bands we play as a further introduction of their music and to their websites, and we also interviewed a independent horror movie director and a horror author..  it’s been great fun doing that and those people send out the link to our podcast to their friends and the networking is reaching more and more people for us..

the main thing i’m working on at the moment is getting our logo done..  nobody i know is much of an artist, so i’m trying to contact the local community college art classes to see if someone would be willing to help me make our chosen podcast logo, it was designed by my 7 yr old nephew, who has such a strong imagination for the horror, and his design just needs a touch more done to it to make it more defined and fleshed out..  and then from there, we can get our merch page finalized of items with OUR LOGO put on them..  it will be glorious!  (as my night time boss likes to say)..

and i’ve also added a new segment that i do with my sister, who is not a horror fan, but she does sometimes watch horror movies with me, if she can stomach it..  THE SINISTER SISTERS..  her opinions are great for someone who is not a horror fan but can logically talk about horror movies..  it does give our podcast a little more variety than just me and MJ..  i’m working on theme musics for that too, since we are on break from podcast, MJ is working on school stuff and he just moved into a new place, so he needs time to settle and get his new podcast room set up..

and the other thing that amazes me about our podcast, is that it sounds like we are both sitting in the same room talking, but we’re not..  i’m in Arizona and MJ is in South Carolina..  the wonders of SKYPE make it seem like we are in the same place..  

Bane Hellborne


Hello, I’m Bane Hellborne, one of the hosts of EMZT Radio Horror Podcast..

why am i into horror?  it started when i was really young, maybe about 10 years old and i saw Bela Lugosi’s DRACULA.  i was fascinated, and mainly because the black and white films seemed to instantly attract me.  Black & white films give an altered version of reality already and so the movies seem to be more dream like and kind of terrifying and then i worked my way up to Frank Langella’s DRACULA and i remember asking my mom for a cross for me to sleep with that night and then my mom got angry with me because i scared myself and she ordered that i never watch another horror movie again, but parents back then don’t realize child psychology, that just made me want to watch more..  bad mistake Mom..  LOL!

of course during my childhood i mostly had to sneak behind my parents’ backs to watch horror movies until i finally was 18 and able to be on my own, then i always went to see the latest horror movies and my parents couldn’t stop me!  as i grew older i seemed to keep my love of black and white horror films but then was more fascinated by the modern horror movies where the blood gushed in bucket loads and the sounds of limbs being hacked off and the screaming, i seem to really enjoy hearing the screaming!  as i grew older i realized all the different categories of horror, from serial killers to monsters and ghosts and even SCI-FI!  now that’s a fun topic too, Sci-Fi horror, which include mad scientists and even outer space..  and thanks to Netflix, i can watch these 24/7!  

i also have quite a collection of movies that span almost 30 years and would make any horror section of a video store look weak, my long time horror collections also include a wide variety of movie posters mostly collected from movie theaters and video stores..  my parents hated my horror interest and always thought that i will grow out of it one day, well folks i’m not sorry to disappoint you again, but now i’m in my 40s, i don’t think my horror interest will ever end, and i’m sure that they have given up at this point too, at least i don’t get harassed by them anymore about it, but all my dad does is shake his head whenever i talk about something i’ve collected..  LOL!!  

and with the new minis podcast featuring my 7 year old nephew, who’s very interested in horror, thanks to my influence, i am now mentoring the next generation of horror fiends..  

my love of horror is a way for me to deal with the bad things in my life..  abusive parents when i was young, backstabbing former friends, the drama of boyfriends who cheat on you and now dealing with a mom who has dementia..  horror gives me an inner strength to not be weak or a target because some people do learn never to pick on the “weird people”..  LOL!

we are still a fledgling podcast and we are working hard to make this podcast into something more..  soon a merch page and hopefully some sponsorships in the future and then we can travel to conventions(Phoenix Comicon, San Diego Comicon!) and i would be so happy if i could have my own Pop Vinyl bobblehead!