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Karen Stever Announces New Book Series

Karen Stever, good friend of the show, and outstanding musician, has announced she is making a book series based on Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant. From Karen’s website:

I have been working on the first novel between having to make a “real living” for the better part of this year. However, this month, on a British radio station, I announced that I was bringing up seven of these children at the same time.
What is that? Septuplets? It’s just a boatload of diapers to change at once. Whatever.
The only way I can do this properly is to do it totally from my gut. I am not looking to write something ‘light’ or soothing bed-time stories.
I am going to be launching its own website, ’cause it is going to get crowded here really quickly!
I hope you will follow along with my journey. I will update as often as I can.

Love you all,

Soon, we will have Karen back on the show to discuss her project. As fans of hers, we are excited to watch her take over another medium, with her wonderful words, and hopeful tones. We highly suggest that you pick up Playground Isolator and Idiot Savant today, if you have not done so.

New Marketing Agency that Rocks!


Our band friends, CALABRESE, has done a lot on their own; from producing their own music, supplying and maintaining their webstore, booking their own gigs and promoting their band..

but now, they have started a new business to help other creative entrepreneurs,  CALABRESE MARKETING!


It’s a new social media marketing agency!  Since they’ve learned how social media has helped promote their band, they want to help others achieve success in their businesses or creative endeavors too..

Our mission is to support people, products and services that we believe in. We are dedicated to helping those with BIG DREAMS to achieve success in the marketplace through a targeted social media strategy.

Please, go to their new website and check out the services that they offer for very reasonable rates and let CALABRESE help you make your dreams come true!



Help John Lambert

Johnny Lambert from 13 NAILS needs our help! Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with a choroidal melanoma tumor in his eye. Unfortunately, this means to save his life, he had to lose his eye. We at EMZT Radio are kindly asking you make a donation to help him purchase a prosthetic eye. Please give what you can.

Home Sweet Home

EMZT Radio is proud to announce a new partnership with the Blackberry Patch Role Playing group, as we help present their new show, Home Sweet Home.

Each week, follow the hijnks and stories of survivors of the zombie Apocalypse, as they make their own Martha Stewart type show.  The website is very awesome, complete with internal memos, that make you think you’re part of the show.


IF you aren’t familiar with the Blackberry Patch RP group, you are missing out of one of the best parts of Twitter. They RP shows like The Walking Dead, Firefly, and many more.  Check them out, and enjoy them on EMZT Radio every Saturday night at 9:30.

Sackbury Pitch cancelled..

Sad news..  Sackbury Pitch has been cancelled for the moment..  a Facebook post from Dom Morgan’s wife, Laura Morgan, informed us of why…

Hi, this is Laura Morgan– wife of Dom Morgan. I am sad to say that as of this weekend (April 9, 2016) the production of Sackbury Pitch has stopped indefinitely. Those of you who know my husband will know that over the past year or so he has been working tirelessly developing this and other film and TV projects. Without going into major details there have been many problems along the way, most recently a major financial setback this week, and recently his health has begun to suffer.
As many of you know he suffered stress related mental health problems several years ago and then losing our daughter Jodi. As a result of all of this Dom doesnt have the emotional strength he used to have and this has become more obvious as the stress of all this has been steadily increasing over the past few months. The decision has been made to stop all this now before it goes any further and finances have come in and it goes past the point of no return. Dom is a people pleaser and fears he will let people down. I am sure that people will realize that all that really matters is health and wellbeing. The Indiegogo campaign will be cancelled next week so all money pleadged will be returned. Dom is so grateful for the support he has received but needs to take time out to recharge as this process has proved to be a massive drain on both our personal finances and emotions. It would be detrimental to proceed at this stage as without the proper financial support and a longer development process the efforts of all supporters could quite easily go to waste. This has been a measured decision based on many factors and this decision will not be reversed. Dom, as the only person who has the final say to pull the plug, has made this decision based on talking to his family and I admire the fact that he has recognized this before it is too late. He feels terrible that actors will probably have already booked time off for this but also accepts that any further down the line everything would become much more complicated.

Please respect the fact that he will require time to reenergize but if you have any pressing questions please feel free to direct message me. I truly hope you understand the reasoning behind this decision and our family wishes to thank everyone who has supported Dom so far. And hopes that you understand that family, health and wellbeing must come first.

We are saddened by this news but we understand that one’s health and well being needs to come first..

We send positive thoughts and prayers to Dom and his family and we look forward to seeing him back in action, when he’s ready and able to do so!

On Georgia, “Religious Freedom,” and Horror

Last week on the podcast, we talked about Georgia, “Religious Freedom,” and what it could mean for the horror community.


Yesterday,  Georgia governor Nathan Deal vetoed their state’s “Religious Liberty” bill.  Why would this be news on a horror website? Because Disney and Marvel threatened to take their business elsewhere, and AMC announced that if the bill passed, “The Walking Dead” would no longer be filmed in Georgia.


Thankfully, the bill did not pass. I’m not speaking as someone involved in the LGBTQ community, but as a free market Libertarian. Why did we need this law to begin with?

According to supporters of the bill, it “simply protects pastors, churches, and faith-based organizations from being forced to violate their religious beliefs.” Bills like this have been passed in two other states, most notably, Indiana.

Supposedly, this all started because of the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, in which Hobby Lobby wanted to be exempt from providing birth control to their female employees under the Affordable Care Act. Supporters also claim it’s to protect businesses from being sued by the LGBTQ community for denial of service.

I invoked my Libertarian (ok, more Anarchist) views in this, because I ask why we NEED legislation like this.  You can deny ANYONE service for any reason. That’s a good thing, because then, the free markets (if they were allowed to act properly) would weed out the discriminating stores.

For example, if I had an ice cream shop, and I didn’t want Muslims in my store, I can simply deny them service. However, I better hope that the people who agree with my side spend more money in my store, to cover for the business I am about to lose, or else, I’m no longer in business. Therefore, society would eventually weed me out, and I would no longer be fit to survive.

I do no support violating anyone’s religious freedoms, and yes, there should be religious exemptions, if we are to have the state control the production of health care.

I think any knee-jerk laws like this are completely stupid, no matter who the law is designed to “protect.” Good call Gov. Deal.

RIP, Horror Icon, Angus Scrimm; The Tall Man



Already the beginning of a new year, 2016, and our beloved horror legends of the screen are dropping like flies..  it saddens me so much that the horror genre is losing their great masters of horror..

Angus Scrimm(born Lawrence Rory Guy on August 19,1926) is known to horror fans as The Tall Man from PHANTASM movie series, he passed away on January 9, he passed away peacefully surrounded with his close friends and loved one, according to Don Coscarelli, the writer/director of PHANTASM.. he was 89..

In all the articles i’ve read about Angus, everyone had said what a sweet and caring man he was to everybody he worked with.  I got to meet him once at a Fangoria Convention, and he was just like someone’s grandfather, and i scared him.  I was wearing my horror contact lenses, it was kind of neat that i scared The Tall Man but then i felt bad because he gave me an autograph and then dismissed me quickly, because of my eyes.  He seemed like such a sweet old man, really thoughtful and had some great stories of his film career.  Of course, during the PHANTASM panel, someone asked him to do the Tall Man voice, “Boy!!”  it was a classic that had the whole room clapping loudly in response!

But all the fans will be happy to know, that he did get to do the Tall Man one last time, for PHANTASM: RAVAGER, release date is posted for sometime during 2016, possibly will be double billed with the newly 4K restoration of the original PHANTASM!

The Tall Man will be waiting for us on the Other Side…


RIP, Horror Icon original LeatherFace, Gunnar Hansen

GunnarHansen (1)

November 7, 2015 this amazing man passed away from pancreatic cancer..  the Horror Community lost another of its great icons, the one who played the Original LeatherFace, Gunnar Hansen..

 He was  born March 4, 1947, Reykjavik, Iceland and his family moved to the US when he was 5, they lived in Maine until he was 11 then they moved to Texas, where he went to high school  then he went to the University of Texas, where he majored in English and mathematics and then went to graduate school in Scandinavian Studies and English.  While in university he did do some theater work.  

In summer of 1973 he heard of Tobe Hooper and his crew working on a film near his town, so he decided to try for an audition.  After interviewing with Tober Hooper and Kim Henkel(writer of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) he got the part of LeatherFace.  To prepare for the role he visited children with special needs to study their mannerisms for the role of LeatherFace.

He wanted to pursue a writing career which he did write and edit for some magazines and he did write some books,  his nonfiction travel memoir, Islands at the Edge of Time, A journey to America’s Barrier Islands, was published in 1993, and in 2013 he wrote the nonfiction book Chain Saw Confidential, which focuses on the making and reception for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In addition, he taught college as an adjunct instructor.

He was asked to reprise the role of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), but declined, claiming that he was insulted by the idea of the original 1974 film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), being remade.

Even though he played one of the scariest serial killers of the screen, he was a very nice and gentle man to meet in person and was happy to talk to his fans about his work, i had the pleasure of meeting him at a Fangoria Convention in Los Angeles CA , April 2008, where he was most excited to share his work in the movie BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY..

i felt a kick in the chest when I saw the announcement of his passing, another Horror Great has left us..