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Indie Spotlight Monday: Cain Hill

This week on Indie Spotlight Monday, we look at Cain Hill. I found this one interesting, because this is promising a high production value, for a low budget. Film making is getting better these days, and they are only asking for a modest sum of 10,000 quid. I love the perks, as well. While some projects you have to give 500 or more to see your name in the credits, this one only requires 20 pounds (or about 27 dollars US). That’s a great deal, people! Anyways, check this project out, I love the premise, and the promises the film makers are telling us.

Plot from their Indiegogo:

When a group of filmmakers decide to investigate an abandoned Asylum famed for its mysterious disappearances they soon discover the truth is far more horrific than they could have ever imagined.

Micheal James Dean has a hit on his hands, promising to bring back the tension we loved in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Check it out, and please donate to this project.

An Apology

The month of June has not been that great for EMZT Radio. So, I am taking a moment or two to explain what is going on. Bane has a family issue, and please keep her in your thoughts, she’s going through a VERY rough time. To respect her privacy, I won’t go to detail here, but if she wants to talk with you about it, you can ask her.

As for me, June is never an easy time. The day after Father’s Day is the remembrance of my best friend’s suicide. It’s never been easy for me, even 14 years later. It still hurts, and that wound is very slow to heal. So, there are times where I am beyond depressed, this mixed in with bipolar disorder is never a good mix. There comes times where I don’t even want to be alive. It’s an every day struggle.

We are sorry for the lack of podcasts this month, but life gets in the way on occasion. We both have “real” jobs, which makes our scheduling insane. We love all of you, and please remember, if you’ve ever been in the show, or you listen to the show on the regular, you are not just listeners or subjects of interviews, you are real friends, hell, most of you are family to us.

We just want to thank you for your paitence during this time, and we are working to have so many people in the show.

Thank you all. Love and noots

Matt “MJ” Jordan.

Zombie STD… ewww..

CONTRACTED a 3 day progression of a victim of date rape at a party, who ends up (spoiler alert) turning into zombie..


it all starts in the morgue, of course, we don’t see it but you can see the table shaking and making noises like someone is having sex with the corpse on the table..  we see the corpse feet with the tag on the toe and then it goes to a party in progress and some unknown guy is trying to talk to women at the party..

the main character, Samantha, is a 10 month lesbian relationship but they are having problems and split up forcing Samantha to move back in with her mother(Caroline Williams(Stretch,texas chainsaw massacre part 2)),

Sam’s friend, Alice, is trying to get Sam drunk so that she won’t worry about her problems with Nikki, but that just gets Sam into trouble when the unknown guy named BJ gives her a drink, which has rufies in it and they end up in the backseat of his car and he’s having sex with her, she begs him to stop, but he doesn’t and then she wakes up at home, and starts to feel sick and finds a HUGE amount of blood in her bed and she has a rash between her legs..  she looks super pale and she goes to the doctor, he says that her heart beat is unusually slow but it’s probably becuz of her being ill..  (hello, clue #1, unusually slow heart rate, not from having the flu, geez..)

by day 2, her eyes are now bloody red and she starts to go to the doctor but her boss calls her and tells her that he needs her to work, she tries to tell him that she’s not feeling well but he says that he will get someone to come in if she works for a short time..


when your restaurant employees look like this, don’t have them work, it will upset the customers..  ya think..?

she goes back to the doctor who sees her eyes and tells her to not be around people until he gets the results back from her blood test..

uh.. Doc..  do you think that you should have admitted her to the hospital in a quarantine becuz it’s not normal that someone looks like this from having unprotected sex..  it’s probably more than just an STD, you idiot!

and then Samantha’s life really unravels from there..  her mom thinks she’s on drugs and needs rehab, her boss is pissed that she left work, even tho there’s no way she could work the way she looks, her gf found out from Alice that Sam had sex with a guy at the party and is pissed, her plant entry for a flower expo died and they didn’t want to let her in the contest becuz they plants are dead and she looks almost dead..  by day 3, maggots and meal worms are falling out her vag and she looks like she should be in quarantine in a high security medical facility, and she gets really upset when her friends piss her off and she ends up killing them and infecting the guy who has an extreme crush on her by having sex with him..  how stupid can you be when a girl you really like, looks like she’s contagious with something bad but you have sex with her anyway??   a big clue for him should have been, when he said that it was tingling as he put his dick in her and that she was really wet (from massive bleeding down there and not from her period)..   ewwww..


by the end of the movie, you can tell that she’s not human or alive anymore and the best thing would be to just shoot her, but it blacks out just when you see the cops surrounding her and her mom is screaming to not shoot her..

this was a really good movie, and it shows the danger of taking a drink from a guy you don’t know at a party, who could rufie you and give you the ultimate STD..


Halloween Hangover

Bane & MJ talk about their Halloween night, they recap an interview with urban horror author Deno Sandz, who has a new audio verse project which he wrote for Halloween, and why horror fans make the best significant others..