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Did “The Moment” Finally Happen?

Ennie. Meenie. Mighty. Mo. I wondered when Negan would show. Although, according to the ratings, not many others did.  So, it’s finally happened, Negan has arrived, and it wasn’t that great. You knew they were going to drag it out to the last few minutes of an otherwise forgettable season finale.

Yes, I got that short of a few “F-Bombs,” Negan came straight from the comics. However, did anyone else feel the whole setup really killed a lot of the tension? This has to be the most painfully slow season of The Walking Dead. I get it, we’re preparing to say goodbye to one of the major characters (if you believe the comics, it’s Glenn).

The one thing I will not damn Kirkman and company on is the cliffhanger ending. I thought that was a brilliant idea. Until October, fans have something to gather around the water cooler and talk about. If you show who it is at the end, then you have fans of that character tuning out for good. You would give people like me, who isn’t exactly making it appointment viewing anymore, tuning out. Instead, you have guaranteed ratings, when they finally show the killing.

However, back to the season for a minute. As I said, I got it, we’re saying goodbye to someone that’s been in our lives for at least three years now. It’s not going to be easy, and the gang has been going through some major changes. However, it seems like Kirkman and company spent more time this half-season setting up trying to top season 5, which was a great season. Hell, the first half of this season was pretty good. I just have this feeling, they’re setting up things they’re not going to be able to deliver.

“Jumping the Shark” has been in the lexicon since The Fonz jumped a shark on Happy Days. I have this bad feeling “jump the shark” is about to be replaced with”swinging the Lucille.”  It can only go downhill from the season 7 opener.

The Walking Dead will get at least two more seasons, but Lucille is coming. It won’t take more than one swing to axe the show.

On Georgia, “Religious Freedom,” and Horror

Last week on the podcast, we talked about Georgia, “Religious Freedom,” and what it could mean for the horror community.


Yesterday,  Georgia governor Nathan Deal vetoed their state’s “Religious Liberty” bill.  Why would this be news on a horror website? Because Disney and Marvel threatened to take their business elsewhere, and AMC announced that if the bill passed, “The Walking Dead” would no longer be filmed in Georgia.


Thankfully, the bill did not pass. I’m not speaking as someone involved in the LGBTQ community, but as a free market Libertarian. Why did we need this law to begin with?

According to supporters of the bill, it “simply protects pastors, churches, and faith-based organizations from being forced to violate their religious beliefs.” Bills like this have been passed in two other states, most notably, Indiana.

Supposedly, this all started because of the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case, in which Hobby Lobby wanted to be exempt from providing birth control to their female employees under the Affordable Care Act. Supporters also claim it’s to protect businesses from being sued by the LGBTQ community for denial of service.

I invoked my Libertarian (ok, more Anarchist) views in this, because I ask why we NEED legislation like this.  You can deny ANYONE service for any reason. That’s a good thing, because then, the free markets (if they were allowed to act properly) would weed out the discriminating stores.

For example, if I had an ice cream shop, and I didn’t want Muslims in my store, I can simply deny them service. However, I better hope that the people who agree with my side spend more money in my store, to cover for the business I am about to lose, or else, I’m no longer in business. Therefore, society would eventually weed me out, and I would no longer be fit to survive.

I do no support violating anyone’s religious freedoms, and yes, there should be religious exemptions, if we are to have the state control the production of health care.

I think any knee-jerk laws like this are completely stupid, no matter who the law is designed to “protect.” Good call Gov. Deal.